Students working in the electronics lab

Electronics Technology (ETR)

ETR 113-114 D.C. and A.C. Fundamentals I-II (3 cr.) (3 cr.) Studies D.C. and A.C. circuits, basic electrical components, instruments, network theorems, and techniques used to predict, analyze and measure electrical quantities.  Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 3 hours. Total 5 hours per week.

ETR 123-124 Electronic Applications I-II (1 cr.) (1 cr.) Provides laboratory and shop experience as applied to basic electronic devices, circuits and systems with emphasis on practical measurements. Laboratory 6 hours per week for ETR 123 and 3 hours per week for ETR 124.

ETR 141-142 Electronics I-II (3 cr.) (3 cr.) Introduces electronic devices as applied to basic electronic circuits and systems. Lecture 3 hours per week.

ETR 214 Advanced Circuits and New Devices (2 cr.) Includes lectures and demonstrations on the latest developments in electronics. Lecture 2 hours per week.

ETR 223-224 Communications I-II (5 cr.) (5 cr.) Teaches techniques of modern communications consisting of broadcast communications, data communications, and transponder systems. Includes theory and laboratory analysis of audio, radio frequency, microwave and light devices and circuits.  Lecture 3 hours. Laboratory 6 hours. Total 9 hours per week.

ETR 233-234 Electronics Applications III-IV (1 cr.) (1 cr.) Provides laboratory and shop experiences related to advanced electronics systems and devices including microcomputers. Laboratory 3 hours per week.