On Campus Emergency Information
Chemical safety information

CVCC uses and stores many different chemicals on campus for a variety of educational and or occupational purposes, and is required by OSHA 1910.1200(b)(4)(ii) to provide access to Faculty, Staff and or students who work with or may have been exposed to any of these chemicals with safety information via Safety Data Sheets (SDS Sheets). The primary location for the safety information can be located online at MSDS Online and can be accessed by the following link: 

Access the Safety Data Sheets.

The CVCC Department of Public Safety also maintains backup hardcopies of all SDS Sheets are have those available as requested 24/7.

                   For 24 Hour Assistance or Information Call 434-832-7700


The College has Code Blue  emergency phones placed in strategic positions around campus. They provide direct access to the campus police via phone. Once campus Police are notified they will follow established procedures appropriate for the situation.

Code Blue emergency phones are for emergencies or urgent situations only and should not be used for routine calls for service.

If you are unable to access a Code Blue device, please dial 9-911 using a campus phone or 911 from your phone. Please give complete details of the situation, including your name, location and the nature of the emergency. Do not hang up until the dispatcher hangs up. Once you have completed contact with 911, please dial ext. 7700 or 434.832.7700 and notify campus police.


In case of fire, pull the nearest fire alarm pull station to activate the fire alarm. Dial 911 or ext. 7700 or 434.832.7700, or use a Code Blue Device and immediately evacuate the building. Instructions for evacuation are posted throughout the College. Fire extinguishers are also strategically placed about the buildings to be used for small fires.


CVCC has its own police officers, who are sworn officers with full police powers, including that of arrest. Their primary function is to afford protection of your rights, safety, and security while on campus. The Campus Police Office is located in Room 2605, adjacent to the Student Center in Amherst Hall.  Feel free to call 434.832.7700 for service when needed.

The Campus Police can be reached at 434.832.7700 by using a phone, or by using the Code Blue emergency phones placed throughout campus. In case of emergency you may also dial 911. Campus Police are available to assist you as needed.