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Learn To Be a Leader!

The purpose of CVCC's new club LEAD ( Leadership, Engagement and Development) is to help new students (while still being open to all students) who have never been to college to transition to the changes and the challenges that come with attending college and also become leaders at CVCC as well as the local community.


Giving confidence to new incoming students to help them become strong and successful leaders so that they can then become mentors and leaders to new members in subsequent semesters and years. CVCC Student Ambassadors are encouraged to join this club to help mentor these new students. Working as a group to accomplish goals will be a large part of the focus of the club.



Another of the club's goals is to create engagement, not only amongst club members, but with the CVCC community as a whole. Students will interact and work with people of diverse cultures and background; hopefully forming lasting bonds with fellow members.





Developing successful students and active and caring members by volunteering time and abilities to help local people and organizations through service projects. Members will spend time together working as a team to accomplish goals.


Club advisors:

Hunter Overstreet

Kimberly French