Your education at CVCC is an investment in your future. But college is not just about academics. It's also about making new friends, developing leadership skills by participating in clubs, and having a little fun through our campus activities. Your SGA and Coordinator of Student Activities wants your student life at CVCC to be positive and your academic experience successful.

Virtual Student Center

The Office of Student Life is working hard to create and develop experiences that will provide you with the opportunity to engage with your friends, participate in clubs, develop leadership skills and build new relationships. We will still offer a variety of events, they'll just take place in a new environment.

We are excited to welcome all of our students to visit the Virtual Student Center in Canvas. This is a non-graded course where we have moved the on campus student center into a virtual world.

In the Virtual Student Center you will find announcements, a bulletin board, the zoom links for virtual events and programming, copies of all of the Student Live This Week Newsletters, Discussion Boards, an option to Chat with Student Life, a listing of a variety of Virtual Activities that can be found on the internet, links to campus student support services, information on clubs, and how to connect with CVCC through Social Media. Be sure to stop by whenever you log into Canvas as you never know when we might be running a contest or challenge with prizes.

Mr. Lee Tookes    
Coordinator of Student Life
Office: 2103, Amherst Hall