Welcome to Central Virginia Community College Department of Public Safety & Campus Police. I look forward to continuing working closely with students, faculty, staff, vendors, campus visitors and the residents of the city of Lynchburg. CVCC's Department of Public Safety/Police is comprised of sworn law enforcement officers, certified campus security officers, dispatchers, and the Emergency Management Coordinator. CVCC Police Officers have full law enforcement authority and enforce state and federal laws, college and VCCS policies.

We strive to maintain a level of consistency and equitable enforcement which ultimately elevates the quality of life, safety and security at CVCC. We are committed to collaboration, partnerships and problem-solving which are essential to effective public safety efforts. The CVCC Police Department works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement entities to create a safe learning and working environment for students, faculty, and staff. Detection and apprehension of violators is an important element of effective policing, but I believe prevention is equally important in enhancing public safety. If you see a potential safety or security issue please make a prompt report.

We are here to protect and serve the community, and I believe we should take every opportunity to inform, educate and involve members of the community in our efforts to create a safe and secure environment, we manage this via email blast, presentations and safety programs. And I am requesting your assistance by promptly reporting suspicious activity and/or person(s).  If you see something or hear something that does not look or sound right, please say something.

Public safety at CVCC is everyone's responsibility and is significantly enhanced when everyone takes personal responsibility for his/her own safety. Do not hesitate to contact me at dover@centralvirginia.edu or at 434.832.7700.

R.L Dove

Chief of Police