First Aid

First aid kits are located in the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Office, the Office of the Campus Police and in various Engineering and Technology labs. First aid kits have been placed in these locations for your use in case of minor cuts or scratches. If the student feels faint or ill and more extensive medical attention is needed, please call (434) 832- 7700 or 911 and Campus Police or local EMS will be notified in order to secure immediate medical treatment.

The college also has Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AED) for use if required. Please contact the Campus Police at (434) 832-7700 or 911 by using the Code Blue devices to summon help for all emergencies. If someone is complaining of chest pain or is unresponsive, please request that the officer bring the AED to the appropriate location or when applicable, use one of the public use AEDS.

The Lynchburg Fire /EMS is within minutes response time to the campus and is available in cases of emergencies by dialing 911.