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The comprehensive mass-communication system includes the following components, which may be activated independently or in-conjunction with each other based on the circumstances, to notify the College community of the existence of an emergency, and provide updated information as necessary throughout the duration of any incident:

Alertus devices, emergency equipment, blue light phones, code blue devices, desktop alerts, e- mail, text, TV monitor displays, Facebook, weather radios and CVCC web page.

CVCC currently utilizes an Alertus device system that produces an audible signal and flashing lights to warn students, staff, and visitors on campus of actual and/or impending emergency situations or hazardous condition. Thirty- eight (38) Alertus Devices, thirty-one (31) code blue devices/light phones are located throughout the main campus and the off-campus properties. And CVCC utilizes seventeen (17) TV monitors that display the alert message and information when the Omnilert mass notification system is activated for an emergency notification or warning.

Also, severe weather is monitored via various weather services and the use of NOAA weather radios in the public safety and within various offices in each campus academic /administrative building. Additionally, CVCC utilizes seven (7) (department controlled and/or public access/use AED’s), The public use AED's are located in: Campbell Hall lobby, Bedford Hall Lobby, Merritt Hall first floor. 2 (EVAC Chairs), fire suppression systems in both campus cooking/kitchen locations and has fire extinguishers and smoke detectors strategically located through-out its facilities. And severe weather is monitored via the National Weather Service and NOAA weather radios in various campus buildings and offices.

Forms of Alert/Mass Communication/Notifications:

SMS TEXT MESSAGING –Members of the CVCC community can and are encouraged to register to receive text messages over their cell phones, pager and/or e-mail account during a campus emergency through use of the following link: The community is encouraged to sign-up for the alert notifications via blast emails, posters and during SDV and safety/security presentation to staff and students.

BLAST E-MAIL – e-mail will be distributed to the inbox of all members of the CVCC community with an email account to warn them of a campus emergency. Blast email gives the College the ability to expeditiously reach the entire campus community with critical information in the event of an emergency.

CVCC WEBSITE – This site will provide visitors information and updates. The College may also utilize the Campus Information Phone line (434.832.7600), Police loudspeakers, and/or PA system in the patrol vehicle to make notifications. Systematic tests of the Emergency Notification Systems are routinely conducted. The tests are announced to the campus and off-campus sites via a blast email. All members of the CVCC community are instructed to dial 911, (9-911 from campus phones) or notify the campus police at 434.832.7700 of any situation or incident on or near campus that involves a significant emergency or dangerous situation that may pose an immediate or on-going threat to the health and safety of the campus community.

CVCC Facebook - The following Facebook pages will contain the latest information and updates to any emergency situation on campus.,