Penalty for the following violations is automatic suspension or expulsion, and may lead to criminal charges:

Bomb Threat, Fire Alarm, Hoax — When the student activates an alarm without cause, or makes a threat to bomb or damage college property, students, faculty, staff, or visitors; or undertakes a hoax involving use of a supposedly destructive device or substance; or encourages, incites, or solicits any person to commit such a threat or such an act.

Computer Security — When the student makes unauthorized use of computer resources (per the CVCC Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy), or makes unauthorized efforts to penetrate or modify any computing hardware or software.

Drugs — When the student engages in the possession, use, sale or manufacture of illegal or controlled  substances.

Forgery — When the student forges, alters, or misuses college documents or records, to include student identification cards; or tampers with student registration data.

Riot — When two or more people assembled for a common purpose engage in a disturbance that jeopardizes public peace, public safety, or order.

Theft — When the student engages in theft, larceny, embezzlement, or the temporary taking of the property of another without consent.

Threat to Health or Safety — When the student’s continued presence at the college is deemed to constitute a threat to the health, safety or welfare of members of the campus community.

Weapons — When the student possesses, on his or her person, or uses weapons, to include guns, knives, etc. No weapons are permitted on campus.