Student Conduct Policies

The administration of each community college is authorized by the State Board for Community Colleges to impose appropriate penalties, including expulsion from the college, for student conduct which tends to discredit or injure the college.

The Virginia Community College System guarantees to students the privilege of exercising their rights of citizenship under the Constitution of the United States without fear of prejudice and takes special care to ensure due process and to spell out defined routes of appeal when students feel their rights have been violated.

Each individual is considered a responsible adult, and it is assumed that men and women of college age shall maintain standards of conduct appropriate to membership in the college community. Emphasis should be placed on standards of student conduct rather than on limits or restrictions of students. Guidelines and regulations governing student conduct shall be developed by representatives of the students, faculty, counseling staff, and administration. The college should refrain from imposing a rigid code of discipline but should reserve the right to take disciplinary action compatible with its own best interests when it is clearly necessary. Failure to meet standards of conduct acceptable to the college may result in disciplinary probation, suspension, dismissal, or other penalty, depending upon the nature of the offense.

  • Federal, state and local laws apply on campus.
  • Students who are dismissed must reapply to the college. Readmission is not assured.
  • Students may be subject to disciplinary action for misconduct on campus or at college sponsored events or activities.
  • Disciplinary action by the college is not a criminal process, and the rules of evidence and the double jeopardy doctrine do not apply to student discipline.
  • Disciplinary action may also be initiated when a student is reported to college officials for conduct prejudicial to the academic or other functions of the college.
  • Records of all matters of student misconduct will be filed through the office of the Dean of Student Success (DSS) with the exception of cases handled at the instructor level, and those involving matters of the law, which may be filed through the Campus police office.