CVCC has established an Emergency Student Fund for qualifying students.

Attention CVCC students:

CVCC wants you to know we care and understand the many challenges you may be facing. To discover various resources please click on the link provided. Also, we have a Student Emergency Fund for those who qualify. I have listed the purpose, conditions, and qualifications below.

The Central Virginia Community College Student Emergency Fund is designed to address exceptional financial hardship faced by CVCC students that could impact their continued enrollment. Examples of types of emergencies to consider: house fire, medical issues, assistance with temporary housing for a student left homeless, etc.  


  1. Funds may not be used for tuition or books.
  2. Payment will be made directly to the company/business owed or gift cards will be provided.
  3. Emergency Fund application requests may be made up to $750 annually. 
  4. Grant recipients MUST write a letter or email of thanks to the Educational Foundation about how the grant money will help them to stay in college, complete their program, and achieve their goals. Emergency funds will not be released until the Educational Foundation receives the thank you letter.
  5. Student may be asked to complete a financial literacy class.

To receive funding, students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be enrolled in six (6) credits or enrolled in a Workforce program and successfully passing. 


  1. The student must complete the Student Emergency Fund application form and attach copies of the bill(s) to be paid, if applicable.
  2. The student’s instructor/counselor must complete the Instructor/Counselor Recommendation section on the 1st page of this application.
  3. Instructor/Counselor will submit this form to a member of the Student Emergency Fund Committee.
  4. The Educational Foundation will contact the committee member regarding approval of the application.

If you qualify and would like to apply for the Emergency Fund request, fill out the application. You also need to reach out to your faculty member, an academic advisor or the Community Connections Coordinator to apply. Once the application is complete, please submit to Kimberly French at

If you have any questions or I can help in any way, please let me know.

Take care and stay safe,

Kimberly S. French
First Year Programs Coordinato