1. Physical distancing, according to CDC guidance:
    1. Strategies to allow physical distancing in classrooms/learning environments. (e.g. Occupancy, staggered schedules, classroom layouts, workspace distancing, etc.)
      Course schedules for in-person sessions are reduced to 60% to minimize the number of people on campus and to promote distancing. Classrooms and workspaces will be arranged to facilitate a socially distant environment that reduces student density in classrooms, labs, and computer labs to maintain distancing recommendations as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia for Higher Education Institutions. Unvaccinated are encouraged to continue distancing, but vaccination status is on your honor.
    2. Outside the classroom (e.g. Limiting visitors, changes to dining services, extracurricular activities)
      While social distancing will not be enforced outside of the classroom per EO 79, unvaccinated individuals should continue to stay at least 6 ft apart from people outside their household. Unvaccinated individuals not living in the same household should still have the ability to distance themselves from other unvaccinated people. CVCC will promote at least 6 ft of distancing (through signage, floor markers, furniture removal/blocking, etc.) throughout the campus and off-site centers, but especially in locations where unvaccinated and vaccinated people may be co-located (such as entrances, congregation points, seating areas, transaction windows, and employee common areas). A more stringent distancing policy for the entire campus may be appropriate when local transmission levels of COVID-19 are substantial or high as determined by the Virginia Department of Health (Source: VDH General Recommendations for Business – May 27, 2021).
    3. Communal, shared spaces such as lounges, exercise rooms, dining halls, etc.
      Occupancy on campus will be limited by offering access to courses and programs virtually with in-person as an option for 60% of courses. Shared spaces, such as the computer lab, library, and the student center will be open to students with safety mitigation measures in place to include separation of or removal of furniture, plexi-glass dividers, and occupancy limitations will be monitored and enforced in alignment with any active executive orders. Dining facilities will implement a traffic flow for customer ordering and food pick-up that minimizes any prolonged direct contact and promotes physical distancing. Tutoring and counseling services will be offered in a space that allows for appropriate distancing within active executive orders.
    4. Gatherings
      Non-instructional gatherings will be considered by Facilities Management on a case-by-case basis upon request. Priority will be given to the use of space for instructional purposes to promote physical distancing. Any gathering will be consistent with active executive orders.
    5. Food/Dining Services
      CVCC dining services as provided by Market @ Main will resume on August 23, 2021. The ordering and food pick up process has been redesigned to minimize direct contact and to promote distancing. Strategies include signage, plexi-glass barriers, increased cleaning protocols, no buffet-style options and capacity limitations.