1. Hygiene Practices and Cleaning/Disinfecting Protocols
    1. Cleaning and disinfection protocols to include frequently touched surfaces; transport vehicles; schedules for increased cleaning, routine cleaning, and disinfection; ensuring adequate cleaning supplies and correct use/storage
      CVCC facilities will follow the COVID-19 Protocol for Cleaning Spaces as outlined in the CVCC Cleaning Protocol 2020 (Appendix C).
    2. Provisions for hand sanitizer/handwashing stations
      CVCC has purchased and will maintain a supply of hand sanitizer and soap for hand-washing stations for continuous availability across campus and at off-site centers. Locations are provided for employees and students to wash hands with soap and water, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol are available in each scheduled classroom, communal areas, and in various walkways around campus.
    3. Minimize shared objects and ensure adequate supplies to minimize sharing to the extent possible (e.g. dedicated student supplies, lab equipment, computers, etc.).
      To the extent tools or equipment must be shared in classrooms/labs, materials and instructions will be provided to students and employees to use the EPA-approved disinfectant to clean items before and after use. Shared objects will be minimized to the maximum extent possible. Adequate supplies and equipment are available to minimize sharing to the extent possible. When this is not possible the ‘attending college employee’ (faculty, lab proctor etc.) will ensure that the object is properly disinfected.