1. Consideration of vulnerable individuals (e.g. 65 years or older, underlying health conditions):
    1. Policy options to support those at higher risk for severe illness to mitigate their exposure risk.
      All employees and students are encouraged to get vaccinated for COVID-19 by going to Vaccinate.Virginia.gov or calling 1-877-VAX-IN-VA. Appointments are facilitated in partnership with local vaccination sites and incentives are being considered for student vaccination. Disclosure of vaccination is not required, but employees and students will attest to health and safety guidelines at the start of the semester or academic year as appropriate.
    2. Implement flexible sick leave policies and practices that enable faculty, staff and students to stay home or self-isolate when they are sick or have been exposed.
      Flexible leave policies are in effect per DHRM/VCCS guidance.
    3. Develop policies for return to class/work after COVID-19 illness.
      If a student or employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, they are not permitted to come to campus. They should quarantine at home but advise their supervisor/instructor immediately, so he/she is aware of the diagnosis. Current policies for managing positive cases are (Appendix D & E):
       - Process-for-Positive-Student-Case (centralvirginia.edu)
       - Process-for-Positive-Employee-Case (centralvirginia.edu)