COVID-19 In-Person Class
Instructor Return to Class Guidelines

Updated June 10, 2021

The health and well-being of our students, instructors and staff is our top priority.

The purpose of this document is to give you guidelines and directions for your class as you deliver in-person instruction. With the current and uncertain future of the COVID 19 pandemic, it is important that we follow very specific guidelines until the pandemic ends. With that in mind, you must do the following:

At your first class back on Campus:
  • ☐  Distribute the Student Health Safety Agreement to all students as they arrive/enter the classroom. They should already have received an electronic copy via email prior to coming back to campus.
    • Ask that they please familiarize themselves with the agreement while they are waiting for class to start.
  • ☐  Take class attendance.
  • ☐  Review your contact information with your class, even if you have already given them information. We do not want students to have any reason not to stay in touch if they must miss class or need direction.
  • ☐  Review the Student Health Safety Agreement with the class before beginning any class activity.
    • Review line-by-line and, cover Student Expectations. You must explain how you prefer to stay in contact (telephone, text, email, etc.) with them if they need to communicate with you.
    • Ask them to sign up for the CVCC e2Campus Alerts that will be used anytime there is important information to share with students. They can opt to receive texts or emails depending on their method of signing up.
    • Explain that failure to abide by this agreement may result in dismissal and loss of tuition.
    • Ask students if they are clear on the expectations.
    • Have students print their name on the agreements, then sign and date them. Please compare your roster to be certain you have an agreement from all students.
      • If a student is absent, make sure you cover this with them when they return and have them sign and date.
    • Maintain the forms for the duration of the in-person class for each student.
At all Subsequent Classes:
  • ☐  Ensure students follow safety protocols and lead by example.
  • ☐  If you have any issues or concerns or the students do, please contact your Associate Vice President and/or the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs office; and,
  • ☐  Immediately report any positive or suspected positive cases of COVID for in-person students who recently attended class to your Associate Vice President. Current CDC/VDH quarantine guidelines will be followed.
  • ☐  Make instructional accommodations for any student who is unable to attend class in-person. If the absence is excessive and additional student support is needed, issue an alert using the Navigate Early Alert system.