1. Containment to Prevent Spread of the Disease When Detected
    1. Partnership with VDH for contact tracing
      The CVCC Emergency Management Coordinator is the primary contact with VDH and will coordinate any necessary contact tracing should it be necessary.
    2. Quarantining and isolating (provision of housing, basic needs, medical case management)
      As a non-residential campus, symptomatic individuals will be directed to contact the local health department or hospital for evaluation and treatment. Quarantining and isolation will be required as outlined in CDC/VDH Guidance.
    3. Campus outbreak management
      Consistent with DHRM Policy 4.52, Public Health Emergency Leave and VCCS Policy, Contagious Diseases Policy, CVCC has updated this contagious disease policy (Appendix I). If there is an outbreak of COVID-19 that impacts the campus, the COVID-19 Task Force will manage the outbreak under the guidance of the CDC, VDH, Central Virginia Health District, Centra Health, and Healthworks, the occupational medicine division of Centra Health.

      Managing an outbreak could result in the discontinuance of the delivery of in-person courses and closure of computer labs.
    4. Partnership with local health systems to assure care for symptomatic individuals as needed. (e.g. a local health system representative could serve on the COVID-19 team).
      CVCC maintains regular contact with the Centra Health and the Central Virginia Health District within the regional health care system.