How do I apply for financial aid? 
You can apply for Financial Aid by completing a FAFSA application through, by adding our school code 004988. If you are applying for Summer 2020, you must complete the 2019-20 FAFSA. If you are applying for Fall 2020/Spring 2021, you must complete the 2020-21 FAFSA. 
How does all this impact my financial aid? 
Your financial aid will be based on the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled. If you withdraw from a class, your financial aid may be reduced. This may result in money owed back to the college.  

Will I still get my financial aid for this term?
Yes. Your aid will not be affected as a result of the change in the mode of instruction, but you must continue to attend all your remote classes. Dropping, withdrawing, or failing to attend classes could require a recalculation of your financial aid, even if already received, and could impact Satisfactory Academic Progress eligibility for future terms.

What do I do if I need to talk with someone in Financial Aid? 
Please contact the 24-Hour Support Center at 434-832-7814, if you have questions or concerns. You will be referred to a financial aid staff member, if assistance is needed. You can also email 
How do I turn in required documents if the offices are closed? 
Required documents that must be submitted to CVCC Financial Aid should be uploaded to SIS using the Student Services Center. Alternatively, documents may be submitted through Blackboard, emailed to, or fax 434-832-2095. 

Will I still get financial aid for summer and fall? 
CVCC Financial Aid will begin preparing aid notifications for summer 2020 and fall/spring 2020-2021 for completed files within the next few weeks. Possible delays in processing could occur if business is further interrupted by COVID-19, but we anticipate continuing to process as we normally would.
Will I be penalized if I withdraw from my 16-week classes? 
You may be penalized for withdrawing from classes. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for us to review your current situation and provide specific information you may need in order to make an informed decision.  

Will I be penalized if I drop my 2nd 8-week classes? 
If you drop before the “last day to drop with a refund”, your award will adjust based on the number of credits you are enrolled in. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for us to review your current situation and provide specific information you may need in order to make an informed decision.  

Will an “Incomplete” grade hurt my financial aid renewal? 
No, if you earn a passing grade in the course after your completion, your financial aid renewal should not be affected. If you are on a SAP Warning or a SAP Plan, you must complete all courses with a “C” grade or above. 

What happens if I drop a class with a “W”? 
When you withdraw from a class there is a possibility that you may owe money to the school when we return some of your financial aid back to the Department of Education. Withdrawals may also affect your future capability of receiving financial aid due to not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). You can learn more about SAP on our website: 

How do I upload my financial aid documents? 
You may submit documents to the Financial Aid Office via our email, fax 434-832-2095, through our toll-free support service by clicking here.  Or, you can upload it to your student account through your To-Do-List within your myCVCC Student Information System (SIS). 

When do I get my refund? 
After your aid has been disbursed, you may contact Accounting for the status of your refund.  
When will my financial aid be disbursed? 
Once the Financial Aid Office has received your completed FAFSA and all required documents to complete your file, your aid will be disbursed within 2 weeks after the “Last Day to Drop” for your latest starting class of the term according to the Academic Calendar.  
What is my financial aid status? 
You can view your financial aid status in your Student Service Center through MyCVCC. 
What are the Financial Aid Office Hours? 
The Financial Aid Office will be available Monday - Friday from 8am – 5pm. You can also call the Financial Aid Hotline 24/7 at 434-832-7814 for further assistance. 
When will my summer aid be awarded? 
Summer aid will be awarded within the next few weeks. You will receive a notification to your Message Center in SIS. 

How can I use financial aid to purchase books?  
As of now, the CVCC Bookstore is currently open. You can also purchase and charge your books online using your financial aid for 2nd 8-week classes only.