Please review the below FAQ topics for answers to common questions concerning the COVID-19 virus protocols at CVCC.

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Am I required to come into the Testing Center to complete a required mid-term exam or proctored assignment?
CVCC professors are working on alternative testing methods and are in the process of moving all new tests and assignments online. This will vary from course to course, so please contact your instructor or look at instructions in Canvas.

The CVCC Testing Center is currently closed with staff using social distancing recommendations and sanitizing each computer after use.

What should I do if I overhear or am concerned an individual on campus may be contagious or is caring for or lives with someone who is contagious?
Please report those concerns directly to the CVCC Police Department at 434-832-7600. Do not confront others with regard to their health status or the health status of a family member. Faculty and staff should please remember HIPAA and FERPA regulations remain in effect.

If I don’t have a college laptop, or if I do not have a computer at home, will the college provide one?
Yes, the college does have a laptop computer loaner program for students.

If I don’t have Internet access at home, will the college provide a hot spot?
Yes, the college does have a hot-spot Internet Service Provider device program for students.

Are campus-based events cancelled?
Yes, effective March 16, 2020, all CVCC events are canceled until further notice. Some events will be rescheduled for a later time.

Will I still get my financial aid for this term?
Your aid will not be affected as a result of the change in the mode of instruction, but you must continue to attend all your classes. Dropping, withdrawing, or failing to attend classes could require a recalculation of your financial aid, even if already received, and could impact Satisfactory Academic Progress eligibility for future terms.