Mr. Cody Wright - CVCC Class of 2018
Randolph College - Class of 2020

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get to where you are now?
I graduated from Jefferson Forest High School in 2015. I worked for my father from 12 to 18 years old when I got myself my first job outside the family business. I wanted work in the business world and work with people so I enrolled at CVCC. After graduating in 2018, I transferred to Randolph College where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Economics and History in May 2020. Recently, I was accepted into the Master of Business Administration program at Liberty University (LU) for Spring 2021, which is now my current employer. I work as a New Enrollment Specialist, where I assist students taking their first steps toward getting their own degree. 

When did you first decide you wanted to come to CVCC?
I knew I wanted to get a bachelor’s degree, but I wanted to minimize my student debt as much as possible. Going to CVCC was an academically and financially responsible decision so I could finish my general education courses while not accumulating any additional debt. In fact, I was able to graduate debt free with my Associates of Arts in General Studies because of the affordable rates! 

Why was CVCC the right choice for you? What were some of the factors in that decision? 
One of major factors were the affordable rates, and especially the class flexibility. I really enjoyed my evening classes, which were key to completing my degree. VCCS transfer partnerships across the state were another reason why I attended CVCC. 

How did the educational and training you got at CVCC prepare you for a career?
CVCC prepared me how to critically think about on-going issues and how to effectively communicate in a professional setting. My courses gave me a foundation of how to analyze complex problems from a comprehensive perspective and find a solution. 

Who was one of your favorite CVCC professors?
One of my favorite professors was Beth Shelton, who was my mathematics professor in Pre-calculus and Elementary Statistics. She really encouraged to keep moving forward, and truly changed my perspective on mathematics. After taking her classes, I became a top-tier mathematics student at Randolph College. In 2019, I really enjoyed coming back to CVCC as a mathematics tutor for several subjects. 

When you were at CVCC, did you avail yourself of any of the tutoring or library services?
I absolutely did utilize the tutoring services at CVCC my entire time. I used tutoring services for my English, Science, and Math classes.

If you could say one thing to your fellow CVCC alumni, what would it be?
CVCC is worth it! Community College should never be a social stigma. Going to CVCC was one of best financial and academic decisions I have made in my adult life.

Congratulations on your success Cody!  We're glad you're part of the CVCC alumni family!