Image of Torie Slaughter

Ms. Torie Slaughter - CVCC Class of 2018
Randolph College - Class of 2020

When did you first decide you wanted to come to CVCC?
During my senior year of high school when I was considering the next steps after graduation.

What were some of the factors in that decision? Cost? Getting a job? Transferring after two years? 
CVCC offered me the Tobacco Region Scholarship that covered tuition for both years. So essentially, I was able to get my associate degree for free. I also knew that I wanted to pursue my bachelor’s degree, so CVCC was a great starting point and I loved how I was able to easily transfer credits to other colleges and universities in Virginia.

What degree or certificate program are you seeking now?
I just graduated with a BA in Business at Randolph College.

What degree or certificate program did you complete at CVCC?
I graduated with an associate degree in Arts and Sciences in Business Administration. I knew I wanted to pursue Human Resources as my career and this was a great starting place.

How was your interaction with the CVCC faculty and staff? Did anyone inspire you?
Faculty and staff have always been helpful since day-one. The person who inspired me the most at CVCC was Muriel Mickles. She encouraged me in many ways and recognized my achievements on multiple occasions. She is a great example of success and excellence in the community that I can always strive to resemble. 

What would you say to others who are thinking about taking classes at CVCC?
I believe it is a great way to save money and get used to a college workload prior to transferring to a 4-year school.

What type of job do you hope to get after graduation?
I would like to work in the nonprofit sector in Human Resources. I would love to work internationally and learn about different workplaces and practices from around the world

If you could say one thing to your fellow students at CVCC, what would it be?
As you are paving your path for success at CVCC, stay disciplined and continue to work hard while chasing your dreams! 

What would you recommend to others who are thinking about taking classes at CVCC?
Try to take some time considering what you want to pursue after CVCC so that you can set yourself up nicely with transfer credits. It is great to transfer to a 4-year college or university on track to graduating on time rather than needing to catch up if you come in unprepared. 

Congratulations on your success Torie, and welcome to the CVCC alumni family!