Mr. Alex Conway - CVCC Class of 2018
and Class of 2020 Randolph College

When did you first decide you wanted to come to CVCC?
I decided to come (back) to CVCC in 2016.

What were some of the factors in that decision? Cost? Getting a job? Transferring after two years? 
In the beginning, I honestly didn’t think much about getting a job or transferring to a 4-year school. I was just somewhat down on my luck, and I wanted to try to improve my standing in life, but I didn’t have much money, confidence, or a history of stellar grades – all things that would have made it difficult to gain admittance into 4-year institution.

What degree or certificate program are you seeking?
I’ll graduate this May from Randolph College with a BA in psychology.

Tell me about your CVCC curriculum choice. What degree or certificate program did you complete?
I graduated from CVCC with an AAS in education and a general education certificate.

How has your interaction with the CVCC faculty and staff been? Has anyone inspired you here at CVCC?
I was inspired by two professors in particular. The first, Joseph Penrod, took time out of his day to teach me how to study. He did this at a point in his life that was quite rocky, though I would never have known it, because he always gave me his undivided attention. The second, Clyde Shepherd, taught my introduction to psychology course. His course was my first exposure to psychology, and it and he both influenced me greatly. We still see each other several times a year, as he makes it a point to invite my girlfriend and I to his home for holiday gatherings, ice cream socials, etc.  In addition, Rick Templeton, though he was never my professor, made efforts to educate me during time that he could have spent doing anything else.

What would you say to others who are thinking about taking classes at CVCC?
CVCC empowered me in a way that I thought an institution could not.

What type of job do you hope to get after graduation?
I have accepted a job with Centra as an associate mental health professional (AMHP) following graduation in May, and I have intentions of going to graduate school in the coming years.

If you could say one thing to your fellow students at CVCC, what would it be?
On their own, the degrees you are working towards may or may not stand for much, but the efforts you all are making to obtain them will change you in ways that are positive and enduring. 

What would you recommend to others who are thinking about taking classes at CVCC?
Stop hesitating. Enroll!

Do you have any suggestions about improvements to the college? 
The college might do a better job to incentivize students to start and maintain active chapters for honors societies and other clubs and organizations. I know it is difficult because most students are in and out so quickly, but I think it would be worth it.

Congratulations on your success Alex, and welcome to the CVCC alumni family!