For the spring 2021 semester, CVCC will continue to offer most classes online. Also note that on campus in-person labs for career and technical programs will be available using social distancing and advanced cleaning methods. Spring classes are scheduled to begin on Monday, January 11, 2021.


Enrolling in an academic or career program with CVCC has many advantages. Be assured that CVCC is dedicated to your success. We have many developmental and tutoring programs that can get you where you need to be. Also, CVCC has a special electronic support platform known as Navigate to help you keep on track. Ask about it by calling 434-832-7800 to speak with a counselor.

This spring semester CVCC will offer you:
  • The security and flexibility of online remote learning for most classes
  • On campus labs for career and technical courses
  • Online student support services and tutoring
  • Many opportunities to Increase your earning potential
  • The chance to gain job security with official program credentials
  • Whether young or old, you can learn valuable new skills

Spring 2021 Virutal Semester Information

For students information

  • As a non-residential community college, CVCC will offer our spring classes in a variety of formats in virtual, virtual real-time, and in-person delivery modes with most courses being online or having a virtual component.  We made that decision to honor the unique characteristics of different types of classes and to accommodate the individual learning styles of our students while ensuring their safety.

Strategies to allow physical distancing in classrooms when needed

  • Course schedules that require in-person sessions will be staggered to minimize contact. Classrooms and workspaces will be arranged to facilitate a socially distant environment that reduces student density in classrooms, labs, and computer labs to maintain six feet of separation.

Social distancing considerations outside of the classroom

  • No unscheduled visitors to campus will be allowed during the spring 2021 semester. There will be no dining services provided, and there will be no in-person extracurricular activities offered. 
  • Access to campus buildings by currently enrolled students who require internet access and in-person labs/skills coursework will be monitored by a faculty or staff member. Students can also request a computer lab appointment. Access will be restricted to only necessary locations on campus for students and employees.

Campus Facilities

  • Beginning in the fall of 2020, and continuing this spring, no communal areas will be open, and people traffic will be limited to scheduled, in-person courses only.
    • Buildings will remain locked and closed to the public. Other than the option for computer/internet access, student support services will be delivered remotely. Entrance into campus buildings by pre-screened visitors for in-person courses will be granted by the supervising instructor or staff member.
    • Also, no food or dining services will be offered at CVCC or at any of the CVCC off-site centers. 

Hygiene Practices and Cleaning/Disinfecting Protocols

  • CVCC facilities will follow the COVID-19 Protocol for cleaning spaces
  • Locations will be provided for employees and students to wash hands with soap and water and also use alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Face coverings (masks)

  • Face coverings will be required in compliance with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Executive Order #63 or with any subsequent orders or guidelines that apply to face covering used in higher education in Virginia. The use of personally acquired, cloth, face coverings is encouraged, but disposable face coverings will be provided in all facilities where in-person instruction will be taking place.

Dismissals or Shutdowns

  • Decisions regarding dismissals and shutdowns will be made in consultation with local and state public health officials, as well as the Virginia Community College System office.

Communications with Local Healthcare Agencies

  • CVCC will provide updates and will remain in regular contact with Centra Health, the region’s major healthcare provider, and the Central Virginia Health District. Planning and implementation for in-person experiences at CVCC will be communicated with the appropriate community partners including regional school divisions for dual enrollment and city and county government officials in Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell counties and the City of Lynchburg.
  • CVCC will not be conducting testing. Symptomatic individuals will be directed to contact the local health department or hospital for evaluation and treatment.