Release Date: 08/17/2021

Tuition-Free Community College for most Students
CVCC fall scholarships are now open for students

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Get a skill, Get a job, Get ahead: that is the resounding call to action for tuition-free community college for in-demand job fields.  

As part of Governor Northam’s ‘21-‘22 budget, G3 Scholarships at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) are now open and available to eligible students seeking certifications and degrees that will lead to an in-demand job.  G3 Scholarships cover tuition and fees for individuals who qualify for state financial aid, thus allowing students to gain the skills they need for a good career in their community without worrying about costs.

G3 Scholarships are available for select programs in five of Virginia’s most in-demand industries including: Healthcare, Information Technology, Public Safety, Skilled Trades (milling, machining, manufacturing), and Early Childhood Education.

CVCC President Dr. John Capps said, “G3 is a game changer and a life changer. G3 connects students with the training and resources they need to forge better lives for themselves and their families—and it provides them with that opportunity through tuition-free community college. If there’s a better deal than that—and a better investment in the future—I’d like to know what it is.”

For the G3 Scholarships, there are certain financial qualifications. For example, a student’s household income (for a family of four) must be less than $103,000 or a single adult making less than $49,960. Income thresholds vary as the household number increases. 

Once a student qualifies, G3 Scholarships require a level of academic performance to stay eligible. For full-time students who also receive the maximum Pell Grant, additional scholarship benefits are designed to help offset cost of living expenses so they can continue to take care of their family while going through a G3 program. There is also a book grant of $500 per term for full-time attendance which will be prorated to $375 for three-quarter-time and $250 for half-time.

Typically, tuition and fees for a full-time student at CVCC is approximately $3,900 per year. The G3 Scholarship is a last dollar scholarship that, with other financial aid, could bring that cost down to $0. 

Last-dollar programs consider any additional public funding or grants that the student is eligible for, like a federal Pell Grant. The amount of last-dollar funding will be provided to cover the remaining tuition and mandatory fees. Costs will vary from student to student and will depend on other public funding for which the student is eligible. Last-dollar programs only cover the last-dollar amount of costs left over after other financial aid is applied. 

In addition to the Commonwealth’s G3 funding for tuition-free community college, the CVCC Educational Foundation also has major funding available for college students.  

“Each year, the CVCC Educational Foundation provides nearly $500,000 in scholarships and awards.  We want to make funds available for every student and it is our goal to break down barriers that may keep someone from enrolling in a program at CVCC or completing their certification or degree to advance their lives,”  said CVCC Educational Foundation Board Chair and President & CEO of Hurt & Proffitt, Inc., Mr. Bif Johnson.  “As an alumnus of CVCC, I am proof that an investment in training and education pays off.”  

Students who are interested in learning more about the G3 Scholarship at CVCC and what programs of study they can pursue should call 434-832-7800 to setup an on-campus appointment or visit