Press Release 04/23/2018

LYNCHBURG, VA – On Thursday, April 19, Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) and its Workforce Solutions Division, received the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities (VAISEF) Stakeholder of the Year Award at the VAISEF Spring Conference Awards Banquet in Irvington, VA. 

The award recognized CVCC for demonstrating a high regard for student success and making a collaborative effort to work with Rivermont schools to ensure students’ needs are met and to instill the knowledge that what they are doing helps them grow both academically and behaviorally.

CVCC Workforce Solutions Development Coordinator Elizabeth Narehood stated, “The partnership with Rivermont Schools embodies the spirit of what we represent as a community college, which is a mission to serve all in our community. We extend our gratitude to Centra’s Rivermont Schools for their partnership over the last four years and for this very thoughtful recognition.  Much of the success of this program can be attributed to the talented CVCC faculty and staff that provided inspiration for the many career pathways available in our region.” 

The award recognizes the local partnership between Central Virginia Community College and Centra’s Rivermont Schools, which began in 2014 as a collaboration with the Danville and Lynchburg Rivermont Schools. The primary goal is to expose high school and middle school students to career and educational opportunities available in the Lynchburg region after graduation.  Due to those earlier efforts, CVCC became a best-practice model in Rivermont Schools’ quest to forge collaborative workforce development relationships with other colleges across the Commonwealth.  

Mr. Lloyd Tannenbaum, director of Rivermont Schools said, “This College has worked like no other organization to provide customized training for middle school and high school students.  The College empowered our students by helping them realize they can overcome their disabilities, harness the power of self-determination, and plan for their future.”

This specialized program has continued to be hosted annually and has expanded to include students from Centra’s Bridges Treatment Center.  All students are provided the opportunity to learn more about the program offerings available at CVCC.  They actively engage in workforce readiness activities such as resume development, interview skills, Professional Communication 101, and complete career suitability assessments.  Each program has an identified career theme where students explore in-depth topics such as food safety, customer service, and information technology.  

“The program’s success can be attributed to the many faculty and staff members that offer tours, presentations, and workshops for the students,” stated Ms. Terry Templeton, Rivermont Schools CTE Coordinator.  “Students are taught to have high expectations, self-determination and to realize they are not limited by a disability. They become aware that their goals are attainable, they can go to college, and that they can gain credentials to obtain a meaningful job with competitive wages.”   

Not only has CVCC touched the lives of Rivermont Schools’ students in Central Virginia, but those efforts have also been far reaching and have helped pave the way as a model for other Virginia Community Colleges. 

CVCC Project Administration:

  • Deborah Gilliam, Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. James Lemons, Associate Vice President Workforce, Business and Allied Health 
  • Elizabeth Narehood, Workforce Solutions Development Coordinator and Team Leader
  • Debra Short, Workforce Solutions Administration Office Specialist 

Central Virginia Rivermont Project Community Partners: 

  • Terry Edwards – Virginia Department of Health 
  • Nat Marshall  - BWXT
  • Chris Ogden – Lynchburg General Hospital Food Service 
  • Rob Pearson – Charley’s Restaurant
  • Susan Prillaman - Virginia Cooperative Extension 
  • Tom Williamson - Lynchburg City Information Technology 

Rivermont schools currently partners with community colleges from all over the state to include; Southside, Virginia Western, John Tyler, Dabney Lancaster, Germanna, with additional schools joining annually.    

For more information, contact Terry Templeton, Rivermont Schools CTE Coordinator at 434-200-2370, or Elizabeth Narehood, CVCC Workforce Solutions Development Coordinator at 434-832-7606.