CVCC Educational Foundation Marks 40th Anniversary of Founding

LYNCHBURG, VA – March 25, 2021 will mark the Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) Educational Foundation’s 40th anniversary.  The CVCC Educational Foundation has been instrumental in helping students with college accessibility and affordability.  The Educational Foundation is also adept at providing needed instructional equipment to faculty and staff.  Today, the Educational Foundation is an accomplished organization with aspirational goals of advancing CVCC in educational opportunities, workforce readiness, and assisting in providing outstanding student support services.

Foundation Executive Director, Christopher Bryant said, “The CVCC Educational Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the college and is focused on advancing the mission and vision of CVCC through student support and faculty and staff development.  In this signature year, the Educational Foundation is poised to provide over $1,000,000 annually in student support through scholarships, instructional equipment needs, emergency funds, textbook support, and staff development. 

CVCC President, Dr. John Capps added, “Since 1981, the CVCC Educational Foundation has remained dedicated to providing a resource where students can receive financial help for tuition and other areas of need to promote their educational success at the college.  The Foundation is a conduit of resources for the community to be able to embrace its college and to promote success for all citizens.  CVCC has ensured the college’s promise to be accessible and affordable.  Today, the Foundation is also advancing the college’s vision to be more flexible and more equitable to our students and potential students.  Everyone has a place at CVCC.”

Since its founding, the CVCC Educational Foundation has been successful through the tireless work of its volunteer board of directors.  These community leaders have been dedicated to the mission of the college as a focal point of education and career training.  The CVCC Educational Foundation Board of Directors leads the fundraising, governance, scholarship, financial, and marketing needs of the Foundation.  In its 40-year history, the Foundation has had four executive directors: Dr. Kathryn Pumphrey, 1991-1997; Mr. Donald Sutton, 1998-2012; Mr. Michael Bradford, 2013-2018; and Mr. Christopher Bryant, 2018 to present.  

Dr. Kathryn M. Pumphrey, now retired from the Centra Foundation, was the first official director of the CVCC Educational Foundation beginning in 1991.  She explained about those times, "When I was hired, I was charged with implementing a comprehensive fundraising program for the college. That was the very first major initiative to pave the way for student success and college advancement.”

Providing scholarships is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s benevolence.  The CVCC Educational Foundation awards nearly $500,000 annually to students in need of scholarships.  This scholarship support is the Foundation’s primary expenditure and is the most beloved gift designation by donors.  In 2020, the Foundation raised $860,000 in gifts and grants going toward scholarships and student and staff support.  In this banner year, the Foundation looks to secure $1.3 million in total funding.  

Current CVCC student Adriene Cobbs said, “I am grateful for the two scholarships I received from the Tobacco Career and the Finish Line funding, which have helped me to be able to graduate this year with my degree in criminal justice. I previously had to work two jobs but now, thanks to the Foundation, I only need one job so I can better focus on my studies. I am now getting As and Bs, which is awesome! I am so grateful for the support from the CVCC Educational Foundation.”

Additionally, the CVCC Educational Foundation has been engaged in instructional equipment purchases for educational needs.  In 2020, the Foundation provided $126,815 for new equipment.  That support was $305,251 in 2019.  The current school year will be a big boost for college equipment purchases as the foundation has received additional Virginia Tobacco Regional Revitalization Commission (TRRC), or “tobacco” funding through competitive grants to secure six new milling machines for the machine shop and a new X-ray system for the radiology program.  Matching funds will be needed for these projects and the Foundation welcomes community support.  The TRRC has been the Foundation’s most significant partner in scholarship and equipment funding.   

Over the last 40 years, the many graduates of CVCC have been instrumental in supporting the economic development of the community. They have held positions in a wide range of professions and helped to greatly enhance the community workforce.  The Educational Foundation also encourages students to join the CVCC Alumni Association so they can stay connected to the college and their fellow CVCC graduates. 

Attracting potential students is a major emphasis for the Foundation’s marketing initiatives.  Early college at CVCC has changed the outlook of high school students in the Central Virginia region.  High school juniors and seniors can be dual enrolled with their local high school and also with CVCC.  Students who enroll and excel in these two-year degree programs graduate with an associate degree at the same time they receive their high school diploma.  

The college has been the primary source of education and workforce development in this region since 1967.  Adult learners also makeup a large portion of the CVCC population.  Many adult learners have expressed a need to enhance their job skills and discover a new pathway in life.  The educational foundation is poised to continue to help advance the institution and the people it serves.

For the future, the CVCC Educational Foundation will continue its primary function of scholarship support and instructional equipment assistance.  The Foundation will expand this work through the next few years with naming opportunities for our most philanthropic donors.  Currently, Framatome USA stands alone as the sole provider of space on campus with the Framatome Technology Center.  The Foundation hopes that many more individuals, businesses, and partners will become prominent major donors in education and workforce development.    

The current CVCC Educational Foundation board members include: 

•    Timothy Beatty, Heritage High School
•    Vivian S. Brown, Vice President, First National Bank of Altavista
•    Christopher Bryant, Executive Director, Central Virginia Community College
•    Lewis A. Bryant, III, Treasurer, Central Virginia Community College
•    John S. Capps, Secretary, Central Virginia Community College
•    Amy A. Gallagher, Davidson, Doyle & Hilton
•    Gregory A. Graham, Southern Air, Inc.
•    Jason Greene, Delta Star
•    Patrick Grooms, Centra
•    Chris Hughes, Georgia-Pacific
•    Dennis Knight, Wiley/Wilson
•    Larry E. Jackson, Appalachian Power
•    Wiley V. (Bif) Johnson, III, President, Hurt & Proffitt, Inc.
•    Robert Leveque, Retired – R.R. Donnelley
•    Chet McPhatter, Banker Steel
•    Robert M. O’Brien, Jr., Lynchburg Ready Mix
•    L. Kimball Payne, III, Retired – City of Lynchburg
•    Reginald Pugh, Retired – AREVA
•    Kathryn M. Pumphrey, Retired – Centra Foundation
•    Mitchell W. Reaves, Craftsman Roofing, Inc.
•    Karen S. Simonton, Strategic Alliance Director with The OrthoForum
•    Georgeann V. Snead, Electronic Design & Manufacturing
•    Marjette G. Upshur, City of Lynchburg
•    John A. Watts, Jr., Watts Petroleum
•    Cathy Woody, Retired - Framatome

The CVCC Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity organization founded to foster and promote the growth, progress and general welfare of CVCC by raising funds, increasing visibility and building community partnerships.