CVCC Certified as TEA Institution - 10/10/19

LYNCHBURG, VA – Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) has announced it has been certified as an official Training and Education Alliance (TEA) institution of higher education.

The TEA is a state program dedicated to assisting Virginia educational institutions by providing educators specific training on veteran culture, competencies and best practices in military and veteran student recruitment. 

Once enrolled, veterans are guided through a career pathway of their choosing that focuses on matriculation to college life, retention, and graduation, followed by employment in the civilian sector. The program also provides students with connectivity to other Virginia Department of Veterans Services offerings such as the Virginia Transition Assistance Program (VTAP) and Virginia Values Veterans (V3) hiring events.

CVCC President Dr. John Capps stated, “We recognize that Virginia’s Veterans, National Guardsmen, Reservists, and military-related students represent a growing pipeline of talent to Virginia employers. These men and women have received extensive technical and leadership training while serving in the military and can contribute greatly to the academic success and diversity of our institution. We also believe the education and credentialing provided by CVCC to our military students will play an essential role in building a competent and successful workforce in the Commonwealth.”
Mr. Rex D. Geveden, President and CEO of BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) in Lynchburg added, “Decades ago, we began an innovative partnership with CVCC where local talent was selected to pursue degrees in machine tool and quality assurance. Our company has donated equipment to these programs, and our managers and engineers have provided input to the CVCC curricula. To date, we have employed scores of machinists and quality control inspectors from these programs. Given the high number of graduates that we and other nuclear employers in the area hire from CVCC, we strongly believe that CVCC becoming a certified Training and Education Alliance Institution will result in more opportunities for veterans pursuing an education at CVCC.”

Mr. Andrew T. Mueller, M.D., President and CEO of CENTRA similarly commented, “For more than 50 years, Centra and Central Virginia Community College have partnered to provide training and education in support of meeting the health care needs of the community. As Centra has a continuing need for health care technicians, we are pleased to learn of CVCC becoming a certified Training and Education Alliance institution. Over the years, Centra has donated and provided grants for CVCC medical related programs. We hope this new certification will ensure more student success in these career areas.”

CVCC has appointed its current Veterans Coordinator, Ms. Tina Murphy, as the primary point of contact for the Alliance. She said, “By becoming a TEA certified institution, our student veterans are provided additional resources to ensure their success, as both a student and an employee. Our students have opportunities to enter their chosen field immediately upon graduation due to the relationships CVCC has established with local employers. By working together, we are providing a smooth transition from military service to employment.”

The college’s Veterans Office offers support for military students by providing an on-campus Veterans Resource Center (VRC). The VRC consists of an office area for the Veterans Coordinator and a study area with computers and internet access for students. The Student Veterans Organization (SVO) also utilizes this space for social events. It is located in CVCC’s Amherst Hall.

Some of the overall goals of TEA in partnering with education and training Institutions like CVCC is to build the Virginia veteran workforce to meet the growing demands of high-tech employers with well-educated, trained, and certified veteran workers. These objectives include:

•    Providing free training for faculty and staff on veteran cultural competency
•    Assisting institutions with improving the enrollment and graduation rates of military and veteran students
•    Facilitating the employment of military-related graduates by connecting them to V3-certified companies
•    Awarding institutions a Governor-issued certification as an Educator of Choice for Virginia’s Veterans
•    Awarding individual faculty and staff members with higher education certifications as ambassadors in the military-related student space

The Training and Education Alliance was made possible through a grant by Altria. Developed with the guidance of a steering committee of thirteen Virginia colleges and universities, combined with in-depth research into the best practices of educational institutions across the United States, the curriculum is both well researched and practical. 

The Training and Education Alliance continues to build its network of support through its membership of institutions and ambassadors. The current membership for TEA includes 24 certified institutions and 109 certified ambassadors. CVCC was officially certified on September 9, 2019, and was the fifth VCCS Community College to be designated.

For more information about the Training and Education Alliance certification and other veteran related programs please contact the CVCC Veterans Office at 434-832-7631.