Press Release - October 22, 2018

CVCC Awarded Federal Grant to Strengthen Institutions

LYNCHBURG, VA – Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) has been awarded a Title III, Part A, Strengthening Institutions Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The grant period began on October 1, 2018, and will continue for five years. A total of approximately $1.9 million is expected to be appropriated to CVCC during this time. This grant is authorized by Title III, Part A, of the Higher Education Act of 1965. 

“This grant award certainly means a lot to CVCC as an institution of higher-education, but it also means a great deal to our students and staff. This money will enable us to make improvements to existing areas and also help fund some new initiatives that will benefit the onboarding and retention of students who need our help the most,” said CVCC President, Dr. John Capps. “I would also like to thank the dedicated group of professionals here at CVCC who helped make this award a reality.”

Dr. Capps also stated that in the coming weeks, CVCC staff will be working to put together a plan for how best to use this new revenue source, as well as a process for allotting the monies to various departments as per the conditions of the grant award.

“I am so encouraged. Can you imagine, with a grant like this, what we’ll be able to do for our students?,” added CVCC Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Muriel Mickles.

CVCC will be increasing tutoring, enrollment help, and interventions for at-risk students. This includes hiring new staff such as a Title III grant director, enrollment support specialists, technical staff, and more tutors. 

This federal government Title III, Part A, Grant aims to increase student success and completion by providing a system of integrated academic and financial support services at CVCC.  Since CVCC is the only public institution of higher-education located in the Lynchburg area, it serves an ever-increasing number of first year students who are often academically challenged for college work.  

In addition, many students from lower income families are eligible for financial aid which may not be getting to them due to complexities of the application process and other personal hindrances such as family, and work obligations.

To counter barriers and facilitate enrollment, in 2015, the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) launched a comprehensive six-year strategic plan called Complete 2021. The primary goal of the plan is to triple the credentials students earn in academic and non-credit Workforce areas by focusing on a comprehensive strategy of Connection, Entry, Progression and Completion, at Virginia’s community colleges.

Furthermore, CVCC, along with the other 22 Virginia community colleges, is implementing a new multi-million dollar technology solution known as EAB Navigate. Once completed, this new enrollment and student support tool will centralize the areas that are essential for students’ success through all college programs leading to completion of high-value credentials.