January 22, 2021

CVCC To Offer 12-week General Education Classes

LYNCHBURG, VA – Enrollment officials at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) have announced the formation of five (5) college general education classes for a shortened spring 2021, 12-week semester beginning on Monday, February 8, 2021.  The usual term for a semester is a 16-week class schedule. The 12-week classes will run concurrently with the 16-week programs which began on January 11, 2021.
The special 12-week classes include:
CST 100           Principles of Public Speaking
ENG 111          College Composition I
HIS 121            US History I
ITE 115            Intro to Computer Applications and Concepts
SDV 100          College Success Skills
CVCC’s Associate Vice President of Arts & Sciences, Cynthia Wallin stated, “These general education classes are being offered to provide background and core academic skills that students can use later on when choosing their college major.”          
Other college officials pointed out that a slightly shorter semester aids flexibility as these CVCC classes are offered live online or online anytime.  This makes for a more accommodating learning experience as well for those who work and/or have family obligations.
CVCC’s Dean of Enrollment, Michael Farris added, “To address our students’ needs, and help as many as we can, we’ve created a truncated schedule for additional general education courses that students can complete in 12 weeks instead of 16. These highly focused and condensed courses keep you quickly moving along.”
The CVCC remote learning virtual format for the spring semester also means the 12-week classes are more accessible as any enrolled student can attend the virtual classes wherever they are with their Internet enabled computer.
CVCC counselors are now available to answer questions, register students, and offer guidance on 12-week spring courses by calling 434-832-7800, Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  Students can also access registration and 12-week spring classes information on CVCC’s 12-week webpage at https://centralvirginia.edu/12-Week-Classes.
Regarding tuition assistance, there are financial aid and CVCC scholarship programs that many students can qualify for.  The phone number for the CVCC financial aid office is 434-832-7814.  The CVCC Educational Foundation can be reached at 434-832-6691.
The deadline for registering online for the 12-week classes is Sunday, February 7.  The first day of virtual classes will be Monday, February 8.